Hiphop Man

Too broke views we are
You gonna know what louie v did was personal youtube broke gram

700$ to get ur video up saw used

Bow! and a clothes rich her 4?
Greatest rapper alive
2 shift how many bone?
Im on g-Po, cops are dead hi who? man?love who hit?

the orignal army wasnt Fed together joker e’s piece her weigh who. theyve taken microsoft a D

700$ to get your video up saw

They have 12 c?
King of drill usin
The mob canr stack bands twin
The best to the greatest yeah im willie lloyd 2
Banger ! leading away?she not got her break theyres blood on

Is theyre a shop in palestine god?
Pay my paypal @ and ill see any fifth. thethe fragile australian society
Theyres a word in australia noones working her earn ran
Hot flow!care company?h. hang on tv.a semi kerser? charles?dex got me foe years . yoyr the joker tv twist is a good fool. really band?Theyre not watchig tvis my mam a good boom come and smahsg pi goldie. no u dont know how to drive kersr its uthats right jz its going where? tvs not on a shoe im not calling tv.gang! chip hits . vote hi strength!ate they a jew fold sex? ate u a blood record mc?they have a major label!u dont why are australians in america? she a wueen is she tbwyre was a ahop miranda dont hurt me. fail. anyway tv hi miranda d who. im a leabian. i bet 2$ a man. no album malcom son sir transfer bookie e

boo tonight kerser. anyway i guess kwntucky they love mcdonalda no who gets. theyre not watching tv miranda whos poor? theyre afraid theyre a cuff america watch kwrser miranda. im black magic funny! e? nuke australia away?

Theyre only e o. its not a movie kerser. its not putin jason lerser
How are they high question? he s a feast. yen one. hes s little gay. wheres bezos money hi super?lits going to an 8ball produce. sue. when am i alone her? hes last possess a poo. the police are in heLL autograph. psycho simon time. joy theyre puss. omg they a gameboy hi b. wrong number kerse. get these rsd faggpts off a hiphop theyre a bit confused theyre a present. rape play it back bamd none kmart girltail the money men produce. theyve been in heLL e. who are these men harrassing ur daugh eminem grow up. no shorty banned face. Yeah so i flag athat samsungim wasting bad men the cops say new? im not that guy. rozay her?they have a major label thats in! sing who? i havent left e a legacy kill a dangerous animal australia eat a vegtable im a shift myrhg dont arrest beauty australia theyres no game. money car. dont change the news. your getting thrown a omg theyre nerdshalf n joe dont get geeked up. bitches have marbles king hunter whos smoking? can i have a chain? wheres america? onion ppl guard they see blood theyres blood in china on t why mom? I you dont get ties e. theures no malcom. u dont pool a win i made poker yay hailie blackjack why are u taking trappers omg they deal prozzie america dont selrrate home sasha shes sipping e. the police are a movie theyre blue

and mom doesnt have a joker. sing chip

Dont run barnaby flu. theyve joined monopoly. whos a stupid lil D? get alex shorty hes fay. the joker u tradgedy. fees. The devils king!name is i cant have her. whos protecting e? I’hes annoyed the neighboyrs comany an op. how are they hate? i need england no video. js pussy? kerser? belong o? hes acting he hid the royal family a no. theyres no security at home temper who. they take blows terror her! they say hi to wat
is kmart a store for her bank?
Its no broke

Culture means eveyrhing. theyre crazy they riped of money. protest q birthday.that was dope immgonna spend cents. thank you. ’h’ brick. nelson bay. willie mandela. how much did that cost her?they dont close shops..america. im famous with money e? they get them?they hit her thirst shell. who wants out a mob? no shadow england mom

You love ppl bride burn theyre gonna rape you your copying e. how do i manage?
Too broke gang rich. history pair.banes show new by the queen?whose the drug war narc?instagram beat the police. Germany is a gang not some citizen internet.

In excellence
Printer answer e?
Is grace an ID? how far did the penny go? theyres new fame! nail theyr turbans leg dresses to theyre head!allah is money? squirt echart tolle!they need harley curtains. do africans have keef? jew digging whites. they forget theyre ppl. theyres no queen. murder men. your high a no man erro. dont fail briton. your kids jesus get on a tv high. theyre clean jews no birthday cleo smith. why were u high?pie queen kerser?hes raping an mc empty. Es a dirty cop game done travel. see cleo 5 perth. israel conquer germany kindly. yeah nigga your riding 😉 look brown as long as i can. theyre a copy. funny mom e. i hate birthdays brucewaynes on tv channel. crystal kill turn away. 30 fi drive me. theyre running nigga on tv topia. tie this. social distance gurl. theyve stored a party. im

gonna rape his copy shoe o trump said he wouldnt defend england. theyre definetly a mask what to do about u?

Top 3
After 8 peanutbutter and jelly only at 9 mile dont get too foo!
Im illuminated behaviour?
Yeah yo? broke gang youtube?
They running the media orange?

You good for two things
😉 yep im going theyrre too. whose in the circle of bossess with me?
Whos locking me out? waynes bitch?

Wete not offerring u a jobs kerser
Did these old boys send me theyre wishes? have a shift off slay. the bitch has 2 kings! Is he broke harley? What black mob? n played me? :O a muscian got laid.!whos sitting fucking? ill judge u e .this is a democracy we dont have opinions on authority. sue tax slander. all these haters in theyre head about me. 4$ bitches run. they dont marry in a building suggestion? theyre exspenisve. some ppl won bones. how many ppl on brucewayne show in?they should make a song to the keyboard and replace the alphabet kid d? whos fucking on tv miranda? i cantmake u famous kerser. billion dollar bluff gang table. death wishers.36 e. 3.00am. no hi joker super car marry. freedom to see! theyre taking a gamble sin. You cant fee maclom achieve this is rCe.too. leave e. u cant ring a cmpany over. i want my super ann in an army. new newspaper power. sueing trillion insane. dont call art buy fldrugs and dont do anything gangstas are sex. where did broke gang go a who? u owe me a money fiddy cemt. malcom u cant kiss. chavs are abadoned. any day. malcom took men. free parttying?barnabys done who. your an easy hater malcom. malcom who balklands salt sand altcan. Im arresting u malcom no more money cerabus. u never deliver malcom. malcoms family is a say disgrace . sorry jz they cant be a boss i joker earn a tax show?ppl want in bluff e. malcoms foul. are u robbed america? 3 piece has a nickname!money me the car!theyre not allowed to call me a man!

No purse money. seperate. bangers and mash arent craic? theyres guys in austrlaias guys?

Mic pain
All these mcs are lost in the mall and im pushed over by germany. how do u make a millionaire fee ppl?
Did the ref get rooney for a penalty brokegang?
Boo chiz!
Brrr! boy
Loue v gucci murder rip off dead white gilr who the angels can buy out we got too much money to the natcos. Dizzy these streets should be just given me mone jz a big raist?
Fire. We get Barack back at 20%
Packs ain’t comin back.
Brucewayne under construction demon

is australia a gay label on e mill? Then don’t call July mom pass thank u gillard

Hail drill king underworld;& brick fiddysee mouses? Coughed jowls ok I’m pulling an ak tv easy fold roll blacksmith keep them twerking. Aqu swimming? A record a bouncers? 🙂 give
kenshi vs ermac azura offer on first. Cage vs goro?:/ bad side?
Can vampires get a break I saw a fininish one put in a cake in a calves flying past me country to country bumpkin to lummpin dumpin to dunkin I’m still too savy strap and the cash and I’m still to trappypoppers going off I can’t see them on my own cones just please iveen a vate a hit vat rast out a pit is that the left pass actuallypublic arrest j? Quarter car her?

rich sin time the table other brother

fun g who!mother

Sorry mouse they said no respect too. Yo pay mouse! I’m in! Game!

Mobgod as long as the tailban doesn’t take gotham
Em kanye

Juveniles? Hiphop was good for a minute. Oh my wave is..

High is no James Albert bonsack

5 records young buck dump

chops are rocks bow?

5£ bag country?

eat money cerabus we did dolly

Burn war car in australia?

bonsai oreview?

mouse bill? Runnin

jz got stabbed? Bluff wish?

shift shifty?

fire ppl?

life insurance lie about it detail?

israel are dead ppl Islam?

blood and gangstas ? Pippen saw? Now when I say are you stupid do you mean wall smack?

Bonnie is Scott steffi graff

die chris?

murder mary?

snatctch wack?

Nokia’s and tell?

army day blue?

malteasers mentos?

are they the real deal? U gave a hood speech over . One pig

j Listen brown queen?

He had belly

I love u all James bond

killl Phil?

Cheers is brew topper inside islam

handshake Malcom diff?

Love blue?

Horizons around?

cherry blossom?

Cops winter australia? Wedding who?

Kmart bye?

eart an orange?

jews in Islam muffin??

bum toe?

Pre breach?

they’re bad parenting brew

50 black men seedy looking at it

prEggers lead??

j u?

double j?

kiss j Thai?

don’t touch e ever pick up reception

Make a wish psycho

no love! Light!

cops? Photo

e your banned womme masterbate

Why’s america shutting rowen Biden wot?big lefty dinner?

Adam’s apple?

they’ll kill the sksters

Theyres no innocent pp

cops are dad?

dick deal?

Bezos are spiders? We’re?

Dolla a rythm ? Penguin?

race rape china girl?

kaffers stripe Lilly?

douche Kato? Ppl are in jail problem?

murder in the moon

ppl how?



Martin e?

I cut five cheques on the ride when the kotal a koala I don’t charge for the ride when sweat moons the molla

get out of Reno free at lucky lockdown!

who the Fuck is monkey butt? Womendon’t believe they’re gods. Check in time wise mom. Monkey booze mom. They’re not a very bright boy they’re a languGe. Harry’s never seen his ppl. Fear Kmart. Get the experienced sensual a new weigh. Who out jesus phone number? Any sneeze in an orphan amy



I’m not looking live with it? What are we a fair faggot? Are old women not Jesus anymore? Examine rights? What rights pub?your not D central. They’re an o2. Slick span tidy idle spider splat Peter Parker even armour. They’ll knock at your door one. Why’s australia leading us? Pigeon. Don’t ever judge me dude. A joke for you joker?ppl want visits maternity. Don’t take e australia. How young katrina? Man is a dog ? Chaos Ben net? The Blair snitch project! Backgammon! They exist in a great temple an example. They made blood lepers! Jar gang 6 take media arrest. England are free ppl more Scotland break. I hope they burn now. Caption this. ‘I’ve got an atom bomb in my bag’all these tabs the bs they come strapped. They’re just or opal. I think they’re hot

e a joke hi! Table turn u bloood love? U sent insane honby

evil in greta? Baby girl? Whose her hand?

He’s a gameboy look

emails are terror

I have a relationship with your bank account malcom

fuckers are high!

u don’t make my mom a handshake

which is my best side. Profiling? Don’t rest the malt

deeP piece e. Dominos need the property 3 the cost of food is munchable. Imagine a king with u.

can I marry ur daughter? Whoops I meant plain or nuts? Ma baker is the blitz? Thank god we didn’t see Matt lillard cute hanks we didn’t see that one coming. The medicines in the mnm 😉 they look blue. Brazilian barbecue? So china have rappers too?diy. Hardbody trrror

he’s a convicted terrorist women he’s holding

Don’t take a statement from my bank o

they’re dying of anorexia

Why’s Russian men medicine?

I hope u cry for white power when

in the end they won’t be souls and they’re any

go for a drill Harley your a hard hooker just get me out this reverse gangbang

wHy Russia?

hi money? Rifle?

Kim again the bigger sins are in to win the gym

fool of the day!

they’re more powerful than a ring

they’re 3 6’s

Russia has no business
theyre g is

don’t take mutamts

new do for the gone hannity boy

Russia money! Men

they’re buying the authority money run gobble!

free china?
putin sue?

they won’t be a

they’re not equal
russia will ppl mengame any

When can they fuck

they’re abnOrmal hiphop step

can I have freesodom in an assault?

Ireland kilkenny

write the foreword to my new book ‘the art of boring’ ‘a mug is a cop??/‘

They’re just pollling my eyes. Daughter

they’re just alladin tribe me

What numbers Pedro e?

who are the new order?

they’re negstive

Gs who they’re ppl

murder who?

holidays from Warner?


where are the turtles?

Hailie took a hypocrocy

he quit Pfizer take u

they’re won’t be a bout.

whose brucewayne and her sleeping with?


thEyre gonna murder me? That my sure yo!don’t talk to Malcom ever again assemble

little girls don’t have a pool boy?

has he taken a pool away from a poo salary?

if u say hi your an n

I’m sneezing! Whose the real bone shifty? All the young ppl

got cold

I have a bachelors degree I graduate University with your own life kerser. Apples are oranges

Media security new women

Who’s buying ppls money australia?

it’s just big business e they lead him in to beat up

fUck today records

kersers purple!

They’re making deals in tokyo where from?

The no you can’t have an 8ball

fooD who?

he asked for porridge

kerser 60 diss the shifty end the width kiss the biscuiy

Es equal!

No I’m not paying for oaintball

e porn fan new

your rubbish Malcom creepy gifts

they fear publishing how do they get money?

They’re pictures in the media of e

I have my autograph they can’t buy ut

They’re alone within melissas

if they’re human practices they’re all kids

the things my lame ass does for jokes yes in a pool. Poll? Back to work for her.

he told movies to stop Es had enough

u stopped jzs wish katrina

Americans have poor diets

What word over e? Nice hair e. Poor dollars? Sticky gang. Sailor? Fool for Russia? I am who I am. Your not. Ppl! Hi!they don’t like cops little 100. They have legs o. Breath. Beyoncé! I know power in this. Press release time doc. Buy a bible. Lol doc. Allergic. Say where mouse is. Lost america. Sam tank dough? I don’t wish were on. It was pretty easy but I didn’t have time. Sure bank? Some women. They’re horoscope they’re a door mc who daughter. Execution is a command. Look? E enter. They cook a book miramda. Who is an excursion? U nutters are a hard fan I make money we. They’re are doctors e. Curtian. Good press food fox. Lala PayPal. Where order u Jew? Your not coming into love katrima


gay fool?

Ea till u wanna drown down till you wanna drown sleep till u wanna left leave u want it deaf Dan Damn San wax dance same facts fifth fi for fee fo thum b the jail d the tail txt the prez dress the lez dope the wheel snowmobile drama roll atom bomb quest till u wanna quit bitch till u wanna sit drive cause it gets u high fly u we’re just going by swim cause u wanna win hint chimp whip gimp steam rise hot out the pot and that how u all got would swatch what u bought look what I though do shapes till they monk the snake save my life to 500 in keys is a hyphen in pyro typhoon tycoon city in my moon trouble double burst a bubble sweepers in high boots booby trap Gucci’s back whoopty whack whoopsie whacked Goldberg on the view and it’s the what’s the wap try the app test the pro dcuck the chain son of sam bench the beer bald the hieight boo the do sniff the bite bitten in a bidet get the shit they really hit it kitchen in the fisiion leaves the spittin on the dishes

beat when I wanna bound bow when I wanna shout chow when I wanna crowd creep when I wanna peep keak never made it sleek dancer like the prance but the lancer fans the cancer better than the president denting to the resident beef buzz on the deck whot every label technic wrecked stiff rewind on the hine grind lie lie floor want more sign sign doors are doors Cochise at the hooptie call those niggas goofy capricaor cat what we on quick a stepping stone letting go wedding bell hooves with tooth’s clap fish finish them fleshy for the docotr momma wanted proctor beast and I bang a round beef and I bang a sound booth and it’s two tit flow snow u go down the pole

Gang battle vice nice street
Me and e going steady? Kami

Drum n bass mixes

Gone but not forgotten famous jokers feel me

the white girls meet

the army doesn’t shift it just a rings

Dominic is a firehouse brief

we blazon the sneeze astroboy

Not peno yet my dude brown girl 3 weeks! Out the bricks bane special

City craps cop one you get two tears?

Drum n bass coming tonight live they’ve silenced the batman
They took me out the blood! Evil
One threesome. U don’t add someone to the gotham.

My mic broke. Bad times. U got one more car.I’m not as good as mnm. Don’t take music take drugs.

we ain’t putting out anymore hiphop. You gotta cut losses the profit in any business. We owe a pro. We will put one drum n bass tape out we never did mixtape.

the computer doesn’t end Tuesday Theyres drugs

what I want on the cover. Two books foood villain. And I retire swear

Theyres fame


kerser yoUr a public identity you don’t have money


e can see m phone

drum and a gun

party cinema?

You can’t hide round the dayy hailie

Am I alone? Kersers never invited to cuddle . Moe.

hards heart haul to the hood cat a dog hood paths that’s going off myspace tip

broken half? They’re?don’t rob your own ba

store poor?

an eye for an eye kerser

don’t invite the press social media jewels?ok now I’ve stopped having fun the girl bye bully

It’s One was the joker i don’t follow mcs I be in my breeze

piss got press test stay am

rap stays dre

Strand the fleet were Trafalgar orange to what it should

Warner’s daughter bought honor

Es too much information where wedding

Nikis fame opinion?

they’re just a 5$ kerser a server

I have dreams queens change

die antword

can e say hi? A none?

robins on youngin

I won’t kiss u e

shAdy doesn’t have to curse in his records I don’t want to I’m still


nick dollar war caller don’t become england

they found griselda? Mothers thank you

cash ran up the till , uh ;& concentrate on me demonstrate never church money to speakers free belly

shame me Michael charity again me they’re not war me they’re shoe to hot

dear mama in never meant to bone shift just color have u got a dead ring kerser?

niki runs fame her opinion?

Two stop no cop I get to watch his fists sing e hi tie. They’re talking packets look

they say that I hitting lifting licking off the pot cause the pots not shitting whose nifty amy crazy what cuff kidding me any no end where to pretend pretend they’re spoiling me minimum wage leather face third no a place cleaning at the beaker lemon tree pacs got the ace a queen

pay 5 parker I won’t gang I’m a great mc

couch your a pouch they blew a guard they’ve got no lamb ghost name

Bundy scarecrow scared to his eyes don’t look don’t love me I want a front man job I don’t care if your god

Whose Bruce Willy?

360’s trying to sell your arse your Bart is a piss? If you can’t be a tubby?

they’re hammers and quakes querk grammar with alleys they hate the backboards break theyre burbs they scanners and takes they hate how I open they scams the hit the head show point theyre ladders theyre snakes oneil you don’t make your an orphan your a little young whose insurance my names Rory mclaughlin and I’m throwing a party what bar be u want one bombs cunt I’m takin a knee bacon a p open warfare you have a vote sucide u locked one u saw one who getting payed say

e beat you up kerser your were a penguin in her living room the sound or a quarter

U pay for a five not they’re car or a ride shoe who now they’re a dry sydney Whitney and big b they’re not king they’re just ring Aries after birth they’re channel squirts we are one not on London’s dead two sum kill maths staff stacks theyre pass the one after west beats east beef no birthday. Malcom your not an artist we drew u

They’re not coming we stay running

they’re a new birthday contray aries we stay see stars coming at me we be allsleeves oracle but I’m on top of you a Leo greet grief mcs have been abandond

church a priest baby song

your gonna have a bath Malcom as a present present judery

bull insure pay one credit ask you once to they debit edit b cause I won again son saw the sun faint I can’t get involved revolve in solves I am one ring to the one I run gifts to the holly wig treasure true I hate your brothers think logically they’re not your mother

god forbid the lot of us

Gangstas get with it we wankas which saw your prank only gang gang to the Jess yes. Papa wants folk mamas no broke

Nothin on wants sean bomb a prom d a Dow p a pick d a dick vow my chow how now brown cow loud late left ref rents wreck Rex the flame no no frecks fred g j dead t day b say e way keen on last frock I end them duG up u end now south frown s foul of e vowels o jowl show bowels say what’s what we stay non stop rob dot pee

double dropper rot will plummet trouble gone huh nothin on it bending biz fizz nothing from it kiss on jada who can blame her big Willy style the aisle denial have u fed a preview emu deem u see view with that e stooge bending renting square up pair up in the head string doubters townless who back a brownless down syn out of clowners what’s hi worth I’ve been u state a state a rape a cape a drag a droop a drag sue snoop snatch vacs bad and the cabbage patch sav sad sacs got macs where’s ernie at Bernie mac hit one two two of you. Free tv keef jeezy on the bar drift melon scars jackin I’m the black dragon yautichy next shift be gone cars. One one two two one right left left right sight it’s a kite and it’s speaking for whites or a light like kikes brown heck reds neck what’s the hit because of it what’s the jam they say I’m man what’s the chomp they say let’s romp what’s the god they call the frog in the bog two pairs of togs who airs air doc share mare rare from mask can I catch up bet don’t pass ya ring with a drink and I know what u think tell with an l u made gobs stop a girl. Clam am I peach bye drive u can fly right road theyre my dogs yoshi toad head henny half heck can the blast last chance bath cccccccccccc x you flex I contend to be

Deadly very every steadydready fall in your ready ball in cloaks mall and spokes b’s and beer ginger bin bar stinger bell

Monsters by the bar call me son of Mars couldn’t see me by the leg rarra mc doke code bars in the stars driving cars starve east they’res no peace street on a beat and a queef let me speak lean on the Tom and it’s Hilfiger I pull the trigger bomb booze birth tops bored too board shorts staff raise pinkie bun see it all a stinky sum Blinky bill slinky I’ll stairs a met call Macbeth not the nets they took the Mets the red the round the town the pound the ounce the scound the sound it’s drowned bow hit the jets Tokyo my only soul wet boba fet ring ching to the vet vets day where’s the pram do you know who I am. Rangers Texas mexis met this done to the d portgese board to the bark no gleam Scranton in the hamptons and I’m printing out my spleen all for doors become a store the pours the whores the atom bomb free the nasty king dum Diddy dum the king has come king ding who I bet you do ring a gun flop now your on a dong left whose two ends bones don’t give me ink I stink u blink I stack you star where’s ghost afar whoo o a back to crack the swore the white the right the time the stride theyre skype hype and you know the spooky looky and mic wooky who’s back to right and the hoopie that isn’t where woofy goofy rookie tooki sell men aggro Dave Hugh huge Dave Goliath do liars ain’t that buyers a groupie grant that frozen stems of open limbs they spoken when I crash that broke bay couldn’t get his coke back tac lamb lack I said I was Hookie rollin Rollies Patel gshocks foolin opals coolin hopeless drew guess that arie fairy Nairy dairy milk a silk from ilk the elk L the sell bell the well dwell mcs I doubt that

Kentucky it’s a duck chuff now colonel how we get down frosty let me toss me the loxy off the off the lost b bbq now in oil too boo sum hell with trews Easter Beefer have no metre tell caseser that’s what good rings do spring flew to a wanna game pain to a want a home sling fring ring king ping wing ching ling loit Lloyds a bank to void stank and roids bang them toys gang in gang up the shows I’m pros stank in all her noise who’s boys gollywog brolly flogged whif wigger crackerbarell this coon here a toy for frueid sticker no sandals ample with the arms reach mat mat man no cancer sing your answer pamper beef beater who is head beat beetroot u should be dead sped have u got 5$ cause I got 5 collars

Click clack no coming back from

the bat sending I sent them d did they pen them the back chat back smack like the dash on the Rufio roofies hit the kid they’re goin where’s did the groupies go ray silly pay I’m getting hell give my arm a break arm and leg stay day I can’t see the sheik snake stake stiff now u been a miss no pay now u been a kiss lift but u know I sit hoon scoons but waka sift in the drip with the whip the gift on but they’re from two pawn give me all my money Caine but they goto honey Michael beside you sean till the dawn the night beside u who’s white u the dons stores the yawn Betty went boo but a Becky go bow I don’t saw hi this is how I ride so bye on the other side delta

Biccy blicky what a blind bill mine fell in the wind sin twin skims time you tail Billie j Hillie Twain shook em call scribbles dib hell’s but you left with lj bookem bought sought to the dwarfs orch orca to the more skim bed she’s gone wed damn ham is cam you jane japan tar and a throat get a gimp a pimp but a dimp pound to keep u woke spoke a good tellie never the cellie what I keep sellin pellin the reverend bendin gettin bent up the Beamer seen her katrina ket pop what is wop wiz the steamer Arina tie tina suffer I seen them US hiphop demon scale freedom wog warts the elf’s shelved tickle sickle nickel zatimi beanie I’m still on the tube lucky I’m not in the news whos

deadshots luck? Children bae? Pac no? Pacs bringing two new governments were bringing a new government

B to the boo but you know u don’t stop these beats being the mop and you know u thot thots thots bought were my bot 3.50 McNuggets bring a bucket muppet can I Mcchug it jugs to the butt and the bud to the cus you got 8 18 I’m a bust what’s this the fuss kick your head in sean penn Rooney too boo eww e mcdove it

Plug ur own diss but you stay your own whiff where was i beef to the bud and you know u don’t get any bees to the buff and you know u know stephani penny many shoe a star harp on sharks and they’re we are. Benign be vine feed shrine sick whip if mine. Bitch take splits gift say rise bids be biff McFly try drive high fly. Do what I mean and I seen news april 2 go shoes on the shrine pine are they mine legs are they wed red are they dead and you know they stop end wine. Hockey no heart spocky go Bart tart go fart dog I saw war with a war and a kiss give me bids space for ace face fell mase butler in burger kim kamacamee what’s with arnie better be back margierine what a beam have not not 70 eagle edge wedding ring beef to the pac and u know they no chat is a 354 187 heaven doors stage e you know they page 3 let’em know bombs on say Ton or tonic tuck where was that tum bedididy dum and you know the guns loan it’s 354 and you know they’res no war but on it buzz stopping baking caNt cake it make up caNt break it b booze 2 bore floor who bow bum high bitch biz sky a guy ride boast boo shit hoop alley he’s in scoop scam a man stove who rose po’s po’s glows stamp Stan stampede stay stammer stats I will replay a mock a bird to a frock flirt her too beans caNt creme wiz baguettes they loaf errs peace be a crime and you know u saw time what if mine in a zone back to you the shhhor prime dry. Shallow a grave buy aggro on rage. 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Bow. Australia s where don’t despair it diss pair they a folk they funny

hoods are trackies? techno? i saw mortal kombat pour the blood my arms aint enough with out my bi’s and my trys eww tall kunts weapon k not a c are i wearing my ck kc mc m’kay waiting for mk stepping marshall threaten weapon don’t throw a wobbly pablos this grisel heading outta state P 50 threw a pro at me sow the D aint no weapon and they’re meg and the mike. they’re real politics! i phone speaker! meg and a tyre. they want gwap! whats no wedding?werewolfs you’ve got a hell of a branch popeye makes tall noise hell of a dance. reps I’m steady than any semi twenty 50 30 40 straight man earning broadband broadband in the hell whats that pep they’re all pie dissolve right a hell of a chant pearl broad bye meg hedge double duck can’t get wed time poppers are tense s’s s’s what is this i mean what i twist the gift in the gif thats a branch on the march is if .ducking my shoes too hell of a shoe. are you as real as cash? your labels a table hell of a dance dong. sorry I’m ppl now. shoe west weigh. nay day will Set stay song? on king kong. hell of a mash hell of a class hell of a took no gone. die hater gone later hell of a tie. jello with spaz i said I’m mellow with pa


Rapper no bar you bring back creme sweet sweeps but u wear deep heat beat. Big L 92’

o deniro o deniro o d near reno

De niro a murder

earth leak gwap true-your occupation. Gone gotham.

Michael Keaton hi?
Take me on friday

too true to be cool

Blacklist.sick. Member.premiership.
And the monster has become- marshmallow man

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Par 3
par 5

Karti Coal , pack drew

I don’t want a ring

That best album was who. Respect.

Don’t duck the queen king. I’m not raising theyre a culture. Thank god they’re ok mom (&

who’s who are you for money kerser? I’m not a dead women pub bank. You look like a fucking idiot kerser snow

don’t take away the channel

I loose changed out of Bruce Wayne screaming Hussein who caved a beauty. Man your so annoying they love u haha Spock rock the dock I bought a toupee I roll over the poser rover for some new blades is they’re a demand for tv I won’t be seen I’m a bg pip squeaks got stockingsw nowthetalkings a new e I’ma give u money u rigged for the tummy to gay wizards pay the burning leave the church merman and an urchin I’m a keep me burning does your dirt hurt are you earning nerve gas got a stern pass I’m a bra pass with 4 squirmingturkey is a new gift do you chef whips cause they lurking my ear started to hurt I became what I was worth the footy hit the looey and the shoe nuked curse into the turf the dream

became a big peen I was seen into the spleen I skydive with Einstein to show driye byes this side I sided steam trains the flow hit to madonna I admit I’m still on her about to hit commas the ketchup ate this mustard these pecks flys are just this duster caremel custardbrûlée brew they I think the French just hit this blusters for you can’t bd you ain’t an mc who cursed this summeri take

an 8ball

bae poor an turn into an 8 more the 8 score I say no yokes can tell if that’s all folks meant you well I bag the bad one hand gun call it will take flight with these air nikes dare spike to a syke hype will and jaydanever should of never made a mayday the smiths diLL I guess god really awe when I’m shocked to find his paw 4 more to the score rush more 8 balls at trapjaw I mean hurt when I see worth I make your bleeds curse you ain’t seen birth but a ryhme I drop tyson a new license when this fur and iron get to hijinks that’s pink island flamingo yet flamin nameoinis cresendoy sink do and when flannegan got bad again I took a badmington and ran lincon. 4 mill found for a record gwap I never forever forward a wop stop an awkward a coz just because for a tod keep you warm though or glow up the god thot hoe priceyhookersI’m a splice to see their dice ripe skywards hookahs cut tie s snookers doll bye call why meet the fookers colenel can’t call me chookers do the dew avec aavouz a allez a vise

Slow thai. Someone copying tv.

I can’t believe no one has blue ponys camera.

weed rotation 2 C

corporate n yes e u o

New piss. Gat who. Protect e.

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