Shiftys Sharks

shifty sharks. Shifts 2$ @ shop boneshifty records rides (bOnEs) 5$
Sports trades, war, connect 4, poker, jigsaw, rummy, snap, monopoly, call of duty, gta manners, scrabbles
checkers, chess, darts, uno, fish, cluedo, risk, blackjack, craps, battle rap,shotgun rap, roulette, foosball, pool, simon, go, knucklebones, twister, rock paper scissors, mahjong , dr.surgeon, ;tar nib,backgammon, crossworsd, hungry hippo; naughts and crosses, guess who; crab bop,petal., bridge.he-man. MK.where’s ron?. Pokies go. ‘YES. NO. hIGh. Low. King . Ace . Queen. Drac . Vamp. Snack. Shell’We won’t play 2 up :(. You can win a Sunday @ shiftys Sharks! Big winner email!

Private accounts only in. Submit contact details to get a membership account once you’ve bought a chip.

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