PLAY SCHOOL : our singer just finished our first albums lyrics now looking for band members to floor the lyrics PLAYSCHOOL LYRICS TENTS DONT RENT palace in apologies jungle bungle sung you follow me catarastophe atlantis see fishbowl sold the wishing well these tents don’t rennnnnnntttttt these tents don’t rennnnnttttt swimwear been bare trying to drown coasted toatsed bound the crown kennel in a penalty kicked the cat its big to pat fence wont stress its revolving these tents don’t rennnnnnntttttt these tents don’t rennnnnttttt pounds of mounds flannel hypocrite pop got bought blackheads white zit dunking birds cant fly hi branch broken wing the other drive bye ashy high SWING swing almost reaching the ring s swing where’d the wind wanna blend in swing can you blow the miss to get the distance swing everybody off the seat can kiss this chops tall tale walk everybody gonna drop i was alone a long time ago they are a pole i am not sold chains make it easy in the rain, you dont wanna see the pain- swing piece explodes can i i touch my toe to swing drifted away in hindsight no swing ppl wanna pay me for the future you don want see they’re proof lure swing swing the carrot cake donkey opens ass back swing bar the facts higher than the large cracks swing earth was bound to the core fell swing drip dry u though these clothes swell hell BALLs WONT BYE blood is muck fuck your duck bluff your luck suck your stuck car corrupt 1,2 thought you knew whats up hoods be metal shells came up balls wont bye can you take to play me balls wont bye the sway to the hazy balls wont bye your looking kind of mad balls wont bye its bye bye dad say had fear wont steer drop your near took my time follow crime bounty gassed up stock take crashed cuz tear stole your hole galaxy promise lost god your boss flip the show and comet dogs chase in space out a race stash ass don’t pass how does it taste THEYRES A BEAR! ttheyres a bear…in theyre. and an electric chair ppl with aids sold grave graves theyres a bee can you see run and hide queen inside honey hives its playschoollll shooting star roman numerals count the alphabet into visercals SAWING THE SEE heavy on the way down how have you come my playground arms to far to lapse this stuck or duck can u see the blacknesses amy gone sunday tune i cannot even move would you wanna be me to see me prisoners on the tv barrys back theirs love in divorce court i cannot see they’re store work babys wants me inside i cannot get this high PUSHOVER your baby wants you to move me have you seen the movie tramps scamps theyres is no atlas drive by buy sell date in plastics maybe I’m on the move maybe you should be to we can never be to careful beggars high these loans for fairview its a pushover push on furs nevverone to babel tittle tales turn tables push push push its a pushover \push push push your ebbing the marked push push push i was sorry i lived to tell, spelling bees real to hell hungry on the tune dump me on the moon make me fetch for rex get between the legs baby they call me monday all i ever see is gunplay TRUMple TOWN bell on kettles whistle tea bags out they’re thistle i can read leaves as well the crowns beyond they’re dwell its trumple town trump trump true p trump true ptriump baby you were made for magic i was inside i cannot have it death robs a bit of you papers in the news beer about do you have me i was lost you long to grab me push up to the front and bunk i cannot see your slump DOWN ON THE KICK patients have me i see ballet move the noose to new shoes are blues this is how you left our crew sold too sweet on year the leap get up post sleep dont sleep leaking told your beacon now your seeking its down on the kick pound on the flick ground on the lick chow scrounge its the pick get up too early goto bed earlier i can see your late hear nobody wants to know wheres represnhibles sensible chalking up daily you came to work they came to pay me THIS ONE AINT SLIDE been around to meet the ground they came first i stood took sound astound the came its slips the brain feet or head they slip them in this one aint slide I’ve been a country to make like a monkey shit goes to far i get to bunking they cannot stay here heads on a reindeer vixen comes santa slayin its a ladder the snakes want they’re ending you just come sent me tales that go to far screws on the roof bar ex became mommas what of the summers whips why you want me get out of the dustbin they are a mole hill ants work for more fill you see the blockade pays to just talk say servning the herd per one dead just to stir lurk they cannot rain down wheres do i pray now ALF IS somewhere they want me, out of they’re country we took they came in ways ever raising chat graphs its catchy batch out last me up in a spaceship whip why they waking alf is peter piper picked a pickle alf is some to none and one to on you got the gun alf is curious to furious actually alf is i f your the tooth the tooth better pack heat merchants thats stars bae bonnets wait cars fly on the reckoning sent in to reckon read dealer the new school what if they too cool how did i get here decmember December blow on the half way can you out last weigh help they’re a fire here, over macayuguaver simps was a once pause play on the encore diamond the dig in divers theyres leaking FRISBEES THIS WAY come get i know you how have they sold you steals is like two deals soon to smooth new wheels free to an armchair park its an arms war graves become hating frisbees this way way way way way softly but ready killing mills shedding blocks ban the new wear stares we all rude where wanna backlog home keys to the chrome throne old is all new dead shooters they use heads catch how you care high dare how you scare lo phones that hang 10 under the window pictures me hiding time still abiding wanting but different how’d i get ridden CAT MOUSE working so hard they’re i nearly arc sleep sleeping a little who hid the riddle waking and phone pro am and the row in wolfs knot the school grog what was a good home then play with the money trapped looking funny endings your wanton blood never got none empty the side piece just grazing the side cheek your are not they’re now, why do i care more cat and mouse sssss patiently you want your eyes your your cry will we waste and see blame me for doing that you were good man evil the opal jewels for a cold fool trapped in the time piece side with the light glee your are all takin what where u behaving BARBS ON KEN wrapped around my wrists you were the gift pig horse and months road dope just got sold blow finger me different i know i did it you were your only just got news the blow barbs on ken arm away but I’m gonna have to say let me in on i go but your gonna have to know i went in i sold p but after all you meant for me i cant see they’re digging in your light was not to slow theyre speed only the bookie, under the hoodie surrender in thunder, you wanna look under half and they’re gold now blow out backs bought you chrome now under the hood up to no good i cant sleep they let me in, two strokes just the poison pen croak on jokes when they broke I’m scared to let me close the lids riched and robbed the gob goes two ways sob outta god feel the throb but we’d let you make one more PLAYGROUND HOUND and introducing to warranted band members, DoNuTs album ‘punk am i’ Donut nn We eat for free The killing queen Thou shalt 4$ No now duck Two do voodoo Thou thow have u I smell so nice Deserve to die Drive by go karts Quickee go peach I ran around I pipe one down the referen Jeopardy is the left of me Reckoning the rest between Jibba jibba jabba ju Automatics where were u Threesomes two the meaning Half of me is seeming Get bent get borrowed Get stole they solve u A wreck a rent The referund Pool boy just go What’s no more douugh I could be surfed That had to hurt Say Pressy is a port u seen Merry s ment the good that bleeds Roe vs wades grave So no don’t stay But no one night Vests the blight Port a boss The atom toss I will go down Now new ground Skives in a hive chives buy a ride I’m deaf from leprosy Tsk que wasn’t musically I have a bluff I shall not dare When apple dropped theyre pair have a half All I can b Is not the source I get too large I have been dwarfed Eyes meditate My monk can bloom This semi auto Pays no tomorrow I flunked the lotto I mean I’m green Why not borrow I’m seeing the queen rag Rack is just a hypnotist Jack is rap dracs wrist is his The gave no prose Owed no dose Kings and queens Mail airs the blimp The pressures done Stars s go theyre bursts These riffs are blameless Paranoia work pen Jess is a jewels I could be mine What wasn’t me To sacrifice Dukes a day some tell where’s the wave some wwell Rocky is a ban an im a mean I’m I decide I I Flockin is a reach a string A cotton girls in a bin a flint Concrète what goes out must go in ABC is avril be Destiny’s mustn’t see Twins are twice we don’t twin tits This the story haven’t they mercy Flattery is rating 3 u be high and I’ll die speed Rest In Peace the sensible You have crownedntheyre round u go Jimmney Minnie me Missy tee, visibly Hole in one is different greens flags like that they mustn’t steam Timbucktoo is vertical verbs are hurdles reverb those Rucks are sack I cannot add mad maggots Pad a lack in ass Dream boats too they’ve made they’re bed Ostriches have made theyre egg rats Rossy poseyhavent we Thorns are just the aftershock Hot pock was a toastie right Promises me u stay the night 7 8 list are long I bet my death Crescent rest a kind of theft Here we go or haven’t you Spends come to me For The few 9plastic Acid Bass Kits Boo Ennie is an uproar wowed Mouse is deaf tails don’t know Woof was theyre he must me Hotdog logs z specialty mad miss bettter play with things Rufio is good to Go Happy flight were down below Now I’m fright not so cold I said everything been sold Racks are turf they nail new quest Ragsmuffins nothin left Damiens own he does bill god Couple of chains no smog in fog sOLD – ‘Amnesty’ Screw ruins round an amen today screw around the flavour the egg such a peg drop over the door such is lend you know her no more play up the dog bowl lay down the pit better the river throw above it ram down the aisle wrap up be gland sand or snow sell your soul tell your own dad Nobody’s pier Pablo nandos see but so far Ant holes Bandos be at the bar Come and get me I see at the step Where u left me I am but one depth Brilliant rose love you not though Tapers thorns why don’t they pour One bed fetch stretch a limo Limbo wreck crash at the door Up again see but so far Out of theyre wiz on a star Theyres a wish world galaxies tell But and inch less late for the bell Checking out Stipulations stacking a ladder Snakes they break thin and no fatter Waste away back now rotate Cycles spin remind u they’re rate Promising cold no gone blue White is hot cool on the moon Break come threw soak up the dark Just one planet spark up the quark Gone again stole from My clothes Walking in stove on the toes Piece in time rides through the cracks Palpintime wear something black Stacking noses Grow two shares and I dance to the glance Upside down smashed to the glass Just a peer slow down your own Glass is clear big up the phone Shirts are cuffs cut of the tie Clubs for lunch it’s hard to say buy Evil eve eve rings she rose Time to get up resting you go Party cake p but a pie Dive the date para boom the sky Sailing scoobas what is undone Tube a fume into the plug Note On the wait er on the Soda Water fold napkins to the owner Sit me down grass on the moon Where we are threw up platoon Knitty kit knutty knot Nukes they puke Dukes are cots What is this see but so far Where you are stealing the star Noose a nick bangs were so big Or a kick sips goto bed What I’m on on you pass it to me What’s to be gravity breathe 5 lectures soon be obvious grand Where I stand carve the big brand Finance was theyre route Le moulin Funny onnie fire the groove Ejection is a thing to pass injection is a one way ass Rejection is a policy protection mention Was for me Borrow to much politics Ring me round theyre drum my stick What goes left is right of life Goose step goosebump sign the knife Run away princess bride of a life Bribes not the bridle knights not the hide Push a machine gun get in the lift Going up no answer have some of it Cash is converted ATMs merry news What of the country We used to be soon Permission machine Perjury pedigree Pointless booze ponies Permently lose Run away style give miles a smile River now I float burn to the swirl Should of gone down theyre They’re swimming to sink This is the auction this is the sink