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Sponge is soft guns gi off bung the bluntband the guns can shiw yeah im alone lil compoton here bot im not harley inbrokenherL they dont know cops are a gang game her? where?
One bitcoin 3 sneezes
Ann summers tube?69 gang i.t. bang coin who
OI had a different corner lil mouse we were seperated , hi, es a scandaltgey said theyres no 6
Theyre poland i

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Double D what passbet 50 look? All i can do is say hi to one person kerser.the fastlife aint evrything the told ya never get much older follow in the tracks of hans solo. now we know how you feel Yelled . malcom barnabuy gillard rudd morrison liz are an eyeroll who mill billard shiv wiz call abbott gris
Steady gunnin down theyre mob. i had a dream the chimps were blind to the giving gorilla but the raptor killed eveyone and deleted its ancient future just cause noone would amile if. is kendrick thirstieer tqhn yours? what happned to joeys kid? 2?my singing done i said vnasty get the rent first of month i .i bet you got bars on cars kslay 2$ ola dont u pay the rent jz?
Stop a UK borrow reading. the queen of the jungle is stopping our white race heaven. no im not a white morning.shes 6 engaments . england left money crown het turn pn purpose.they never put blood on the dance floor. chinese fag.they can take our lifes but they can bever take our freedom! i gave bitcoin away for the apron
Stop a UK borrow reading
I thinki i hate batman. Fed? can ring ? can i sue molly? why cant i get a divorce?
Tax spor make mr.freeze that puff backshot
Kanos pain show?
Cold booday

Shifty is
Underground press? beat?

sex e wrong german? the cross is on so noone can take a record theyre star. be with.

Take this nottingham!k im indulging the cop show! cobblepot ref him up security won, view. im too impressedthe police can sing. its to early!from? i said kings cross had a smurf. more news! the police arent on the news anymore

grundY. the cops are classifed court federal?

Pull mouse? ppl judge ppl on tv. stars are fucking on tv. theyre not a man copy. suck a dick a royal family who. malcom u’he can only be poor stars are fucking on tv the reporter is a free eagle. kerser e who? 3 pievces kerser 5 fire!
sorry like rsd?o gamblingaddiction hotline?they cant be muscle enough hailiebe miscle. free flow! kerser said hes a ladyboy. u smell an eagle! a doomsday? theyres gd dead!I blew! gameover her.yes your any money here kerser. diana who? i know u see my feelings kerser. pac or balls of fortune?is fucking view? shes his only reporter inventing mtheyre moneyp. never remove a guard. my names not pussy cat kerser whos murder with murder? blood cuz crip kerser word. yes theyres ppl blood. only brucewaynes knows one. the police want a loan. 2 broke gamg who? ige been chained by her the devil on! ppl know crew! reptile ate today?no! sing p!

sue industry tech below- sold. Group. See charge curse. At least pimps say something nice about ppl and I dunno I don’t wanna saymeet you reject. Forced cops emagic number gave j. They’ve divorced cops celbrity Theyres charge widow u child her crying. Ras e nigga. Dirty cops assault kings.@ were whiteo obvios. @ stack asians poster upp. im in a room smoking new kerser is hailie? adult finger? u dont take money or! sheriff dead? ugly eye!and the fame was a oplot to try to change me

putin run a company. Said one down everyone

I belong to sopranos

memory sooner?that din already.


they Halle the ace of spades

Hi thank god for that coke again

theY Taylor’s d the generationtjey took Miranda an maaarrige???!

it’s god to f a ll a one subpeno

Hi if a chimp ate a lion would u eat a goanna??

chinchillas and the haunted house of pain


how? Outlaw tie toke? Do the interrgostion

2 dollar day!

the Irish handgun first wasn’t the Muslim handshake. We love John Howard. Lost lane mc tv? Louis flew us? Law abort her. They’re are no ppl weigh decide u to australia her. Charge. They’re Jewish ppl ap that’s a bit 360 america. You saved. The year mouse! None. I asked the big guy if moe. had my doll. Took it to t pop

he tailban lallallLalalla jz watchehiphop the king

Well that was shockers on social media will they pro will they deaf? They bought a wish alone. Don’t increase an approach man. The game! Saw to hostel rugged man jesus was in the pastThey must no! They ring!uThey’re peters sue. I was rapping to lovers the laigWho do you get your air miles from protect.I malcoms son who? They can’t let the drug butler go I don’t like in but they are. Annoy?Kid king?

They can race tromp coin bar a margin

Turkeys in Islam.Britney Spears side card a reptile


Delivery nft block
race jail count drugs the money
Is the joker a phone is the press yes young?
Will they get church? Red back is an enemy!?
I’m not a war. One account this launder. It’s some nightmare these ppl are having it’s not about me anymore. Theyres too much money I see no bank
You don’t see a jury kerse I never said you were a billionaire kerser what Victoria’s s

President e bane no head e

taKe 2 menus on who is e, supper

pedo is hi a u o

malnUtrion in turkey 5 flow

Spitters rates out new tube too soon. What’s thisshadoweye?

Love everyday. Krime daily.rates

you need to eat and find shelter so your not eaten by wild anima always be eating I’m not different ppl cops A red I can’t one. Hand hi. Who back to you blue curse country a no eye id infest. Bully baby

Did this guy get shot at by a BG? The y stopped rolling?
Kerser/ teenage crime free jayla Marie! What hit? Batman?

Post building safe room intact scared immunity’s cop hit

The police are not in government covid u

Can I speak English to her?? Company reverse?

Next hi
your a terrible wing e

time where stArs why ?

don’t give ppl god

you came from the bottom did you? U came from the side.

they’res 2 foreign affairs . Contracted. Zomombie infection has lead to more werewolf’s.

Greatest white rapper slive

they’re fun kings like the greats? Land on? I’m drawing a line between me and Scott Morrison future power made up fun decide where I am ghetto chaos patrol get you sand a hand hiwho

Gwap 50! Bank gangs!

don’t Touch cops Malcom next Australian tunnel grime

briggs a senator better afford the more gone get grift the gore into cupping mothers fucking sissy indirect inissys lizzie twin biddy kids sad they’re hid out fizzy austray only one tv witness the kissy hissy stock battle toy blood gap fake as scape giddy come to the Chrissy comma Donna sons autum raped red gifts as born corn porn into the missing cash burns as the stock is bough deliver a kidney refs old house in the cars back tire corona who is he get Fred and dead head med bled with a stuffy forgive e fed med gone and on Sean brothers o Tv see missy wig in with you iffyied see dishonest dishonoured fake criminals bills pills just to see twiggy bald dead red fed jedscall the hall mall balling at the stall there’s of the given friggy the choc tops gone lop slops the knots on the wizard blitz done biggie the cops gonna kill ya billboard The million of pillions done sun zillions to poor for the pretty bet did he scars for the bald scald in walla phone call the sores of a a scissy which is she

2 dirhams? Kill a leader?

mercenary door k9 u. Good day tomorrow. Last year. Are they king David?I need a number. How about 9 from Sparta? How many years a virus pain?why is the queen under the prime minister an o?

5 chain a love Hussein?

ejection is ejection bill. I don’t like that they say they’res they’re mc they’re crack. Customer n.

England has cancer? I don’t like they’res no care

Joseph made the Israelites swear an oath and said, “God will surely come to your aid, and then you must carry my bones up from this place.”

  • Isaiah 5:8Woe to you who add house to house and join field to field till no space is left and you live alone in the land.

Barnaby car elect morning has one war to divide person hid set oz women update

Malcom Calum mclaughlin balcome 7650 repunzel ultim

wanG great stang hate k bae a

eminem jeezy who u do da brat breezy marshmallow marble go warble flow a bit teasy

swag shot bag top any mes

mill a pill wedding freebies

I’m just in Australia

they’re Not hi they’re who love

the bars Spliff off but I think I was bought on pawn you candy Mandy handy but Iii think you caught on

Cat kill scar simba bar dex punk flex in the car na la bonnets bar message wedgie techy Becky heady bizzare

Game 6? Havoc?f

they’re. All sold millions to Harry they lie about where they sleep. I don’t want to here kerser moaning. Dealing water e eye

Curse king
Stop giving me drugs. Direction. They’re cursing cops ring. If u want one more blood u need an ak miss piggy is getting they’re smaller shroom too many. They love the newspaper war tellie?

planes ain’t shooting it’s just janes executing the range Mexico manoeuvring futility planes for scuba dives sue man king ring sing the smooth crim oh they had your bling after all 2 call whose duvet are they squeam beam queen pristine is Russia a comedyj slay blow up the treasury stock riddler vote Theyres no more booze 2 2. My salary is now 5 billion uS$. A year.cross over. They don’t know who the queen is

The ppl the ppl bring a lot of drama to make hiphop federal state. They need to get over they’re own asshole. Word none kslays banks no more loads pop cred u can find me chasing dogs
Can the crib rent the club? Hood!

I don’t like soccor oh oh no my fucking bokor oh no make money Disney I thee
3 hi welldrum


396 who? Lil Wayne’s trumps nigga? Twizzlers didn’t dos me cross me

Harry sold a girl a ring bye bankrupt whispers
Tat flames free jane Tars all zane. Kerser gave me a statement. On a door wedding kerser 4 shift. Slim diss an isis in a quiz twist he won bliss Spizza spat tax on a lamp spat allah camp vamp pamp. Score war gameboy 3? Gats news?

Who’s not jen who e?

‘Skeletors missing he must be found’ 3010 bones
House favourites in town. 2 shifts no bone 46 shifts
Sean white told u dontcatch a heel edge
Are u stiLl in c.a.s.h m.o.b.chapo ?
Mortgages he way. Who new the?
Tell me when the robots are on
Does joker know just let it go
Where’s the best rum?
Batman is safe employ.
Duck pair

Tell me when the robots are on
how much do they pay for a set?

because they’re a door they have to be a dj game argue

bunners stay mao hummer clown cloud chrysler crystal malay 44 ford

do ppl know who I am? It was never official

who’s the missus Jordan Nike? Your on the losing team. Jackson, Sean. The lakers are part dead (pbuh) and lebron is unfadable Maybe a Zoe

Why does australia want to come?

remeBer kerser we don’t give a fuck our fingers are up

Malcom said no Rory To the Chinese? I wanna know who Amal Clooney is to wiki

Money per shoe how much possession on the internet olwman name?

cracker cars bar e tupac . Deport
the fans are upsetting. Malcom thinks he’s as big as eminem I’m an independent game her eye. Tax break shoe bluff. China borrow tax n. Ring prey.

rsd are u I don’t have bloods vote n who hi he no’s putin new new ring

Rsd have ruined her life I know a bit sad bye

more fame! Jen!

address the money Harry where in america is E?

Kellogg’s has eaten my breakfast none

I threW your next chrtimas in the trash town and ran away mirandao

is bloOd a drUgg?(P Toys are not free

Chuck boy ran a number?

Kellogg’s is eating my breakfast no

have a House 2 cars fun a fabric fashion lazyboy and an underpriced holiday to turkey green day ;$ opal ams do who news and a pole with a hersheys

you don’t say your 5 girls. I’m what I wore? Where were u? Es his thinking. Fuck dres basement where Nathan a deal the cash Manson school for ninjas! No commonwealth branch. Alex is a cuff mom serve u babying his promise newsw who Bieber kiss him

I’m a hunter hunt

hood party! 2 kentucky

is they’re not a Muslim land? Spirit vs?

tHey Touch jzs girl new alphabet who a who

Katrina’s going to uni

they don’t have a b miricale

they have a soul pUrpose her

born again Theyres no more christmas fuck nigga wannabe the bloods don’t have money harry

HiGh on KRiMe? Game cash miranda ads . B tv u have flippers. Fight a man A Barak a sky lie fairy’s for Clark couldn’t pimp a good ride. Touch Guzman and u r going to jail your head behind u Pod touch s boob u shoe a sing. Where’s dads on his phone ras a daz clone home Aries why are you a gun Bella take thy high some. Sold 360 a cool her fool didgis. We fright mice store blocks unlinked they block u. Shift cunt rang Barakwe block u blue hang the dog chew less they dog chew shift a rang slang they dog food.they’ve never I’m not Harry’s face inside theyreListerine May we not wash you we washing wash u wish wish wash sh was sue in a ditch pitch on frog foot jzs high the poets owe Frodo to a dojo blow lo hohoe to a show and to the croak hold cloud 9 tail cumulonimbus well. If they don’t drink it they’ll think it. Eventually Hijz will sell a heiny. E needs power new rim crazy bit. They’re a good Craic nan? Frodo himself. Killuminati ilucarti blows chimp mom made tgryrew a hit barbie. Touch gs crown e him skinny D. U don’t know u Harry I’m gonna rave this rocker down be a male made up tomorrow Harry the harley ring where’s what’s with the court system I’m greedy this faggot Harry.Harry door to see Jen arm? Thanks Harry I have a girl. WhoSkengs? New knife handle cut Harry’s legs of principle they had a weigh his bloods carry they’re form nowhere on earth e blood king laughing hi little I won’t question his worship of the

curse the deaf aloholpresident. U don’t stay in money your a calm for a reject we don’t need butlers sweet heart security for hin

don’t buy a shop mess with a

they thot he found 2$ but it was poor

I’ll public my emabrass e with a murmur

round the Benz stay happys

does j have a girl? Stay who e Harry u one

Saturday: Drop kick the old bird

? they’re gay in hiphop ruined one Australia’s . Abandon the lady who. A jews ring

fuck MacDonalds in the uk they’re tumor they’re scary feels omg is that cash

Russia dish door ca

Harry drops his cops men speech unto I clinically don’t want to be around u

why Meghan high virgin her? Boys are toys they make them em noise Soulja’s pill they will not drill

Ring a ring a roses

trumppumpdumpdogealeciabethmooremuskpooR Elon instagram soundwave one one one one

it’s a doggy dog world



Drop Shitting
Miss 12
future root ya soup car tutor to the butcher 16 5

Lose your job?

Joe mo?

Par 4

Gin and tonic

Fire raise
Henny n lime]
wound 1

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Spam Kentucky

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Making history concrete no mattress young

you disgusting faggot alex i said no 9, i love all your blood with a king when, don’t say hi my birthday . turn my tv on. never hi bye. u fuck and they listen her. I’m treble careful. u doom who king? where you from wheres my dad? ur a real girl not mom. christ is with u invade adventure u. ur a big gay problem euro. zero win. your a real petal flower low birth wiz kiss ring king looking at her. u run april at her angry again. don’t enter a favour temple her. i wore. married her, no u red ever her sashes. the cops are nearly killing game men

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gift liz? dont steak to me a mom. ppl arab. game correct u. niggas bitch? mental men! waka had a davidson vis.blackball putin? ?5$ me hooray. only australlian bitches are hi to curser. war on bruce mom crime tv. do i need make up a shoe makeout?

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they poison tv. they’re not that cool. good. hailie who human? 🙁 haildog is a kit. run tour?

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putins free and the israeli high in the media immediately theyres no war on coke.

if you can’t ring then fuck ya property

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don’t tell the cops i called them. they think they can run with it

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James! we want NZ to carry! turkey who diff in?

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the legitimate arms color of australia malcom is getting sashes high alcohol. rip. discover. precious peace e

es his last half evening

why in space face?

btw they grow cocaine

miranda has ammo animosity! are they attacking or cops?

kerseres in a bus with soulja boy on chANNEL 7

hailies best mom talk to me

curser sneeze godhttps

they won’t learn music td

who the hell are all these cave faces of April and disgusted old australian women who think they can fuclk they a bung cuff a cuck and a duck buck a fluff ching ching in the spring like a half car of bars disgusting hoovers and scoopers last ring in mom get the aids and a page and a cute lil rage a toy and a boy from pink or trumps stage, its an aids pack a day who a lawyer anyway fuck bloods an tuna scoop some in the pooper fuck rohal dahl and e they live on BD fuck these chaos reporters they say by to snorters disgusting women and babies none of them made lil fags like firmy no I’m a squirm we set fire to israel and clap at the pistol what have i done i though this was some this style I’m biting has cocacola fighting how else are they fucked must have 15 butts, or cigs ends bad porn make all of us corn children in the hills ih ave no more eyes ilL fuck all the passion i goes they’re a matching in root on tv and fuck kim for free none of that manning ur straight back to stanning, don’t look at me queen your a bit of a scene fuck the prim minister they’re none of us sick of him end rich mens dice rolls where did they’re eyes go do more for cover the flys will inherit meet or more geek all of them seek captains into a kingdom lord be a wing them fuck in his face let him shit mase hardly any have a mill sell their tvs to kill, this hard on is difficult i know the bass minimal see me or do wha do u screw fuck knucle bones they jacks 2 i keep bouncing 6 fan who u bet on the future all of you pooper your come up is son nut all of you love ducks this faggotary is an exam no one will pass a hand your point is your diet none of you buy it the green men are handy they have no more candy what do i do its not me and you who do fire in they’re face they’re wrecking the save strippers don’t get seen call a tv rape someones mom call in your son fuck up the slugs by dead for bun. the king of adults on holiday how much the porn we pay 2 scoobery do what out for poo. listen to ausrtalian hiphopmi know there a big knot, checker they’re past see love is cast lose a nintendo skip where the men go go for a robbery noone is stopping me king on the run hat have u done u sound like ever last house of pain tyre a car interest invest out is not less you went west run what have u become bus gang is all walking I’m the one talking I’m no more u thats you 2 u fuck app they hi thats why they by whose this but the wurse I’m hiphops new curve I’m followed by a handy what are we andy? i don’t blow who I’m just a new energy is sent to me I’ve divorced empathy run for mcdonalds they make no more on you these foots are police come se they’re weed I’m a new guide hi see my drive by guy rapes on the way what do we stay running for petrol better not get killed. mom to u an ann was this a concamfuck these bitch dish I’m not harry the wish I’m not don wand come in let s on your a half what are u last drive. molestors are less what if they bez. feel up the ppl hebrew in its 1,2 to preview him

hella sad look\

\kersers the prime minsters business why did he kiss you fuck wang td he’s bang bc all my family lose to want to be famous even cousin anus

why do they think we hate them they have biznesses!.. a serve! Zz april?

Mormon morbid morsey Morgan whoregan Morsly more fame bore the door with shores and burn the horse and or shore adore the tour with tour and rule the gun show too blue p d please be easy see the screen full of vd bleed e more than pd onion dump the guns for russian birth the kiss and rest the roll are u a billion on a pole crap disease and end the p’s wake bacon up the kraken kiss Jerry’s skull null transform a door kill this bitch whose ringing the raw blast through evolution and take away your own solution bribe april for tv kill her ass on channel v gab barney for a billion walk him down the aisle skeleton rob the run and kiss the bowl do you know how I sold my soul a toll I’m a circus to the d


Kerser a cop blood for barnaby bd aprils doctor she’s a god on fuck him in the ass drink a a apple overseas from his half free Melissa from the gym they killed kim and built one in

run the country pan the fan kick the sick and kill one man he’s who’s famous dwarfs are stars pick one up and follow lars rent april out her step pick a day and make her deaf crumb her tum and bum her son cough on her and purr a gun on her bottom bitch snitch game itch lucid ear bomb bits in the grip goto fabulous and see if he was passed his wish absolutely circumcising for the country theyre are a whore she has Macbeth dead it’s funny when they have no head blind to don’t remind you in war u came beautifully to the door you fucking lump your lungs are stretch u take a dump I smoke a cig

the snitch the siren I control officer her birthday name oracle they want to be one pole the same rape they’re game and kill they’re crew I am new these cops are old a lot of blue boohoo

April I call her dad king my son her Tum is tiny be behind driving stew make mushrooms gun

Papers copy more king. Harry is a gift king

Dirty bye 2 award why shoe Oprah on e?

lePer wish

Porno bye I have no clothes this is where Taylor blew her nose toes shows po po joe joe joe

Don’t buy coke it’s one more smoke joke po

‘Cop who’

track a dancer down april town favour frown clown down bow now cow bun gas in chunk as blood rings murdering so call scarred no holes barred worse than the dozen chaos in your face with spray and danger rot all the way from Syria to a misery state in australia buy chucks and rot a dough snow cone phone crows goes and Bono ick cadbra all a Santa ban the cash again from his grandma hand job gangsta rape they’re stupid groupie bitch of the beauty king blink a murder for the guest to king sing a dozen doors floor them cops go get th score them door them raise the tax on all the cash all these flunked gotta ask fuck the pill scene it’s a will baby kerser is the first of. Bird a b a sheen ween mean love is buff see scream from the pub bleed cuffs cuts cues and motors all you know u are my beauty where they’re is smoothly april eat my groceries floater free, ur easy buck is fuck huck chuck poetry

colgate on a cold scape cold gate hell a cool tool on a cold gaze who will teeth sheet like  time signature into ya best breathe from the west on the give me that move it they’re fresh taste on the ace chomp when the bass stomp hit every pearl shift glow on the bz pro any of that into they’re yes sir up and yes sir you know use seen me on the mirror billiard yes sir on the pyramid scurve less still steel framed still her

ryan air

google in a cool king think a quinn a kink a dink a pin a bin a sin askim a do a let i get you fresh a lot lay shift a close stay glow a blow a cask an asp a grass a cat a stack a bat a crack a bitch a new a boo go too or leave i see to bee google shift fetch stitch the wicket the balls upper glibly or fax an ask in mandarin i let one slip i tank this drink tianemen i let one in

holly wood a holly no a holly grove a holly know a par de bar a car de star a vars a jar a mardigras starter pack amby no amy flow a gamby phone a have we known a lalabye harley high a gnarly tie a arnie bite an army no a lo lo yo yo pro pro go go blow no home a flow blow on no eye bye so so lo blow



holly hood-‘

o superman
South wish
Shit Theyres Jason! No one celebrates mcs
Banes smoking! You know don’t laugh at a general ppl are pods. Has kerser declared war on me? He’s two many. See! Peace mc gun. Jesus who? I carry’s si

In you!

Is he live? Medusa?

Chubbers are king blubbers wear bling

I’ll develop him and blow his moon face now we have a sneeze!

Hi Game gear miranda! Other.
I don’t think the do number. Shift?

‘King of my castle

blacks hack?

Happy M? Curse? Block sauce no sucker?🚗

yeah I’m here no ticket piss in the blunt. who. O shady. Nill mouse.

shift Nikko! The ppl don’t have maccas ;;(!

shredder tax!

you know e I was ok and I said hi and Australian ppl took me away I’m alien new and were friendly on with her the raise who

Get a new job jz! High! Adult performer!

win a whip Nikko !repent cerabus!

Iggy jiggy biggie smalls writes my lyrics if I was riggy I’d just kill it

Gwap whip! They’re reading to japan? Quit spying! Behind you! True John McLaine ;)? Free shifty again! Fuck!

it’s a caste system!

I’m new miranda? Twizzlers malteaser eminem yummy crunchy nut catwomen

I won’t kill you dust

Harvey is a loon boss

More money what?

I saved everyone ! Look!
apart from the ppl in mortal

kombat &$
why batman?

jp logo? Vanilla board?

big birth?..

do you have Taylor?

jzs on camera run!

who in austrlia?

Dad 50? Yeah you can block me

they need a bun I’m embarassed

they’re worlsatar?

Kersers sold punishment harsh

mouse is who? Block?

All the smoke

2 winstons


they’re dealing squealing

why are you a voice trap?

e nearly went

miranda stare

Sourcrow baby?

where am I from?

anecdote pen?

covert pen me?

charlsteown st kim? Weigh?

mcs get high god! No shorty

beat bath!

question car?

curse curse curse heard women

family guy?

deaf blank k?

turn available

Mel Gibson your on for a quarter

Hillsong hallelujah! In islam!

they told the police they were high and gave islam out

your a cop woman kerser very loudly in australia

2 tails!


I’ll store guwop! King.

debono birthday!

maul is enforceful to fiction

Macbeth in!

only one m.o.b. In a mom

moVe the music not the anthem

Bush give me 5$ and a re entry what have u won? Where? Your talking to my mom author dre. Pizza?


I sold my soul to Jesus an orange has!

Have have not

Car # chase?

let blacks who in king u! holy

wolf gang durhemrer max mosley 3600$ rhinnana open bill cosby

your choosing women e?
weatherman dating

Send your kills in to get featured on ‘amazing wake’ -‘kobra kai , ata girl’

where did my house go? Again?

jz killed my son;/. 50% market share with the mob?

meXicos ringing and hailie wants a war chicago note do they live on Twitter see?

are you guaranteed your car will squeal?? Hand your keys over to the mob.@ dogbowl.

Jew can do it

Punk donut

Beauty block. Paper trail.Theyres been some 7-11 bickering we’re losing sleeps

How’s they pop the rent? You just can’t trust ppl to be special 1

Dead meal coin ravers biatch

we didn’t king the cops? Won’t e bust someone else?

Key? They’re choice law is new
Boys are chores?
Silence of the lambs
I want a home reporter Bruce wayne what do I do hang up a rappers #

They chained eminem to jz;/. Is a bank a teller?

Fuck all your friends mastebateing the gym till the kings the queen tv porn free fuck these nuters mutate shift your spleen for free. Yes e noone. Fuck they’re other half and kaffer tax pay it black. Where u from kerser. Deal the pound buy the town no pineapples for crowley. Are you a personality no. Black bitches are pimp niggas. Do you love u? Fuck the cops getting lox togs fuck the gimp pimp hate a lot wait for hot the dimp sim chip. Fuck the shop shoe be or a flu. Tell the bra fall out your car mirror in on a shimmer . Pop one too. In the zoo. See them

looking . Come on chooking.. or miagyi djs gnarly. Stay they’re drinking. Put the sink in . Call the restroom say it’s 10 2 Shazam wazoo didgit disc it have you pour the fridge in the gin . Pollen the shadow buy a gang 2 love is hate in the a. Fuck u looking smells like bookin. Diamond fan should of ran. Smells like israel lookin doom till ishael muthefucjer hit bail cancun good call bonsey you can side mutherfucker run and hide the ginns the nipple rocks on bond socks on pawn all crocs on wand ice it is hit j smurf go b rabbit hit pay diirt back to sailor I stopped at happy if you love u restroom napped skunk to punks chicks to writ chooks are bongs list it rip what the duck is this yellow duck it deserve a song for it to suck deal 5 bitches yesserve sprinklers s be a worm next in igloos pickachus Roman candles make goood antlers pray they spray pickup Santa Claus. Fuck in turkey in front of Birkin. Fuck Harry’s hi in a reply keep the smiths in what is wisdom

fuck the vapours for theyre savours fuck this cash head in the matress

katrina won’t be your friend hailie she’s just a brothers luck

I’m not a cop call. They’re not one dirt. I don’t get cold sores personally man

ass holding add faggots the back of the jack daniels I don’t need anyone I just see you u swueeE ur gun run

541 boat plum

I’m noT disease free I won’t be bought

stay away from god burn the bush heavy metal disease

he’s not wOorth your 5) $ 6 men miranda

theyrE black in front of my doctor aussie she’s has L 9 2 hell

no curse cure rescue

I Don’t owe earth can I get one gay faggot please laweyer

View citizens arrest?

Gay faggots will broom shrooms blue who

Welcome to L

blacK j moan miranda told me no

fuCk peace no ones duc e my ambitionz as a ridaz

tough guy maradonna treat hef

wisoDm gone ok fuck u

5$ pussy

4 fires one

hitmen Had

houR rang on a ring yo work for isis

sore bow

gaMe 2

can I stay away from her all you old hi

Have u got a tool is too demeaning for anyone

Who got kicked and crossed the club blood n?
Quit taking music. We’re not holding hands. We need benign:We need Wayne’s word.
see well they got the girl. Last dead ‘a’?

They didn’t make fame history

the cops are ann had culture. Doctor any?

You can float the dough but drug users won’t listen to this weak ass music stereo now your taking gun control crack form iran 2 bae one lie jetson

has kerser challenged my money? That’s all I have serve. 2hrs o 50??

paraLlel word

I never wanted any of these ppl with me they goto the dare? Then they asked for a plan

neighbours have aims no serial. Quit tie

get a new husband kerser Es asking for divorce

why Is they’re no hand partner? That’s indefensible

kerSers just profits they no earn speak n who

we don’t borrow russia am air in a door day

trEasure day ammo

one a police office?

Harley doesn’t want her number? Where’s she get the drugs from?

they used to have a company I lost for

take his 6 e another offer a o

King? Why am I being spayed. Is

They’re. No other language except russian Harley needs her number

They had no interview how much is jz

Stop incels come in hiphop wrong lady

I won’t have the bitches opening my show

360 used all his power to say hi An n

We need to we’re past putin Russia’s in america how much is the handshake cough

Why are street niggasa disc select? I don’t fuck with rap niggas

my arseholes pretty wet thanks to abk

YouTube have asked for bfbi protection

Porn o 1 . They’re turning her face!

the jet sons is a com e d gray d a

Dennis Your executed film me

if you can’t show thug what road this was

A oldest

We don’t need america new

Ugangstas carry respect to romance economics chivilary meanwhile the ppl suffer the same diaeases

is bae p piss 6? 🙁 nuh

putin takes it in the ass for 2$ a phone and u need money? U stole the sombre

the last car or last turn out face turn e prefer

let girls ring these celebrity’s don’t need money on of them insulted me

bond has pUssy?

runniNg man is made of many parts James dean

bought a car I’m keeping all the cards James dean

got Corona deal it on the phone McDonald’s

Nip theyre blood

Cheese and onion

From akin land tear crap 2 thank you nas

u got a lick in? Chick credit

We Satan dances now the birds on the curb coughed Two now the curse gone sherif surrounded buck 2 I guess your heard on I get than scum nigga a a scurve nerds on first to flirt offs buy a kite chuck a ride head to Dubai!

Which batman shot croc?

5 elections carry! I don’t want John king. The record! Theyres gift which car. Phantom her. Respect e

Who rang up Es balls?
toe song quieter
Rain deal. No I’m not tes furred Barack fold blue god

MaNy ppl took my age Santa. Slave devil? They look shoe
your Rory’s a young girl you should serve wis they won’t buy coffee I won’t make Baraks office theyre no mob yelly

head blood

no I’m not your bankrupt bullet your meals are blank

band camp stores a door? Who greta alocohhol?

they’re Israeli terror big small prove school car ei

blue pony phony not many

No an we don’t do e school. One king.
Nigga lies fire police siren all jz got is the word army

Lies to blood fuck u satan ur lies sarah

Who are we or why are we ppl? Pry fangas?


my sheppard

NBN the cops are investigating company bar who human

temple soul ma forgivenThey don’t have a first president they’re cops they’re dad

ref anil who

wreck hugey kerserwho forgiven ear

he pisses his cunts

cop wish 6 see 5 sue
5 who who e

no say hi. Cross. Kick king fang

Ameris stand news

we don’t Take blacks your a women who rush

e doesn’t tell ppl he’s high are they being eaten?

cross wish shoe her haailie amen

bird flu now sang

your tush is off doz biden

fake april

germ b bang kush


more hi u than ever

fag Wish heir King

Barnaby crime ban more chicken

quimby mount zoo

Store who hi or
Birth rich nod

tre day

porn toy shoe wish

you’ve Been asked to be the paper kerser key ron

kiSs wu

Jess real Pom woginshia

tuten bye her now

nerd one

bang 69 Bobby 22gs now

Police for a face theyre ppl

kiss foolio ring blue run Russia in

stop fox o assain

curse war king hand man
jeusus who e?

you stupid bitches Cookie Monster is a crocodile though. Detention. Harlem blue. Sac
pair britain true

head not eww game

dash win brown took e

net Ben sit didgi ren

muSic who

key Oscar good car

Rex blunt blood ring

pony a game

fuck a doll dj

? Hi ? We 6 ear!

tay who

greta e stole none

. They’re any. Love.

Dcops jizz little

honestlY Noones looking theyre vertical

deaf gang shoe

show off who e perform pair

dick dance p n e

cash gun red

e Sold his money boy

honestly they have enough ppl permission repOtter who new

bun chuck chef girl

how are u e NyQuil?

blad stone?

cop fuck u u 2 e 3?

birth when dj? War a dick fantasy

pretending to be money?
rat brown behind stay should’ve left
white doc

6 pill H dead deaf war

bad boy nickels

shop war kosh who



joes very rich katrina merkel
savage batman?Sharper?

they’re spy’s a re diluted some hop

Pinkie death

I’m my fame ok?

don’t fuck shit up god now your belonging a hatchback

cherry cola 2 kings

Noones sucking me off katrina I’m a german. New address Brian pumper

Row shiv Duece blacks mars

all they do is surf. Malteasers are crunchies iphone?

Your not a cop you idiot kill katrina or you owe a rocket pen
skully McLaine?

snore hug?

Mmmm mmm mm

They’re a verb u idiot Holden. 3 thicks shakes or

the ace or the lace the drank or the plank
dubstep coming sooon 2 no fire model modem


Panka suge wanka the unit who’s dunna spell check the hell speck

treata inbetweena

bob cob mob were they in god job cof doh were dog in boss

whot jz I want my spot back take 2

ma baker she hogged crossings crossed the buns

Huessian omar who snoop marblo in 2

banshee x 12 knock the cross

mamama kusher sheik

malboo u to u malboo u to u Mamama jah

white guy brown

so we won shao khan o guess we’re onaga u? No? Onaga is a bad gang

your not a g kerser? Wipe a cherry?

the brotherhood of shadows


thrice quarter fifth kneel cookie

money biz

Hot is HeLL

no Tom trauma Tumor you know you gotta kill me later we let you boom boom now

doNt borrow I. T. Reverse rectangle

bro fRown they comin for ya say it ya

reggae fast

yo they bus hen order

Grundy 6

u chuff want the gang flaocka ? Game set shoosh peel

Malibu a bunty alalh tundry

dub depth allah pug pith hug glug hug with a hug width hug with a mug stench

nice I’m fried thry fridge didge a didge sil dirt the dime right now

good autum

everybody king!

jezub is ears?

Pole who?

pokies pay vlad shades shift.?

gat queen quiz?

they’re winning Sweden!

who’s crew?

that’s right snooze rip west east

Gucci lo u exhale hella fame

Ambo bans a chambo hooters duck mcfuck Silicone? Prezeles ton tongue Abby shake diidge quiz
raphel? What’s his name?

centra wiz one day

mouse queen shell biz tongue so elmo

queen queen clown
the head dead I say your ched ched now

musketeers skittles

troc your gang sold virgins dr.nick surgeons they gang ghoul now
November you know they ain’t poom poom come December I say augustas now


bong pain rissole

hailies tire prez?

tell her mathew

no fun no face yun telll her tera no run you face chun no marea no one you face yun no gun hum where’s no bum u face young Becky is a cone let b flow keesh is a kiss let is diss wtf luck let ken f buck


chole? A was woozle nunu wussup

chain chain is a while

towns arab folk

chaos a strain to pay us

the share and the shark
When a boomarangas is a fire cracker
It’s not a funny game on tv it’s money indy

Where indy? I’m ashamed benigns power how much for a car ? It was 2 women.

be got an appointment 6.30


e won’t be Harry’s face vocal or will I. Show which government. Cool boy care dare. U lied to a tv brush un intelligently about who undo no

wherEs mY games customers gambling agenda terrorist are properly armed let’s deliver I won’t buy enough bones friend

they’re crackers ‘a’ og trap on. Bar pd they’res a police!

turn down new 100 alcohol on 7

new Bentley won 3rd money hatter ganged bd crash flow ppl are fighting for flow. One bone was a lucky bone pussy!

how much work am I doing niki ;;(?

I made nothing but profit. Where are u promblem woman your gonna have rings for days

I Don’t really care about theyre shifts anymore toy

they hope they don’t find Alex now

Tomorrow or?

He made ppl turn game ;;( theyre are new men in china

kerser wants to sign me do I?

how much casino or!

they’re Making gods! Run one! They’re beautiful music arm idea knowledge free or

whOse keys town no sell say

is kerser missing?

cult pool is therapy of leader? They’re not pleasure e on

fake death sataniC

shift zero?

is America pimp quit u gucci?

why are ppl opening my show tv?

Theyres no normal mc Alex a kiss queen e

ragdoll pick up u

ring is prostitution brown her hi

will u not kiss sue one e?

this has never been fun bar

He’s joined isis I o terror key

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