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Gangsta Games club open chat on bone shifty Sports trades, war, connect 4, poker, jigsaw, rummy, snap, monopoly, call of duty, gta manners, scrabbles checkers, chess, darts, uno, fish, cluedo, risk, blackjack, craps, battle rap,shotgun rap, roulette, foosball, pool, simon, go, knucklebones, twister, rock paper scissors, dr.surgeon, tarnib , Pimps, molls, dogs frogs, cats mice, S%M Shifty is no 1$ for 2$ a game Were responsible at the complaints department and will have the club moved shortly thank you you can send in the pass bet and be owed no1$ on the website, through contact us well post. toe honest dr. surgeon pp7 off gta gang cruise mercedes checkers why bling connect 4 0 2 knuckles bones sky net 2 bounce one jack money monopoly whitechapel spill mill sell e go 5 9 ref two time big eagle crap 12 who toykyo snap door war 7 7 war king who rummy joker 7 uno wildcard no color t-tuey- ring 4 jigsaw brighton chess knight pawn fish 9 1 where darts 4 2 none pool small large cluedo google black jack dealer high one n paper rocked foosball 1 ring twister blue 2 enter simon sez buy a spliff behind a cliff risk eygpt u infantry tarnib king saw war 2 isabelle but bollyss a dish drop a ring u fell t twos a ton tuck tums and twighlight %; GraFFitI iS oN! poker pair tie down loud ex blind 2 wire ear decept dr.surgeon. rcp90 cod gta matt Mazda checkers sing now connect 4 3 2 knucklebones 4 bounce 1 2 jack morning show mayfair lose game, jail visit land on islsingting buy go 4 dar jake paul no knot comebet 7 ireland thigh buzz knee m16 backdraft cod gta holden checkers black pause connect 4 2 who go 3 2 knuckle bones 2 nbn jacks no no mayfair land regent costs pay car dog. floyd may, 2 cars a bar crap out 12 2 ? 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